You are enough!

So let's celebrate together

The team KAN provides coaching, counselling, training and healing using various interesting modalities.

Each action step walked towards the desired goal must be celebrated.

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. - Robert Kiyosaki


Engage actively in the health and wellness on daily basis with tiny habits


Plan the actions in harmony with your celestial beings


Continuous performance of daily activities to feed your body, mind, soul and divinity with persistence and faith


Humbly express gratitude, kindness, desires, success, and celebrate each moment with your tribe

Kairos Act Now (KAN) team welcomes you all – the courageous celebrities

We partner with you in your journey of identifying skills, habits, desires, needs, actionable steps right now, goal settings short term and long term, recognizing current situations and environment, measuring progress, achieving success, celebrating each tiny, actioned step.

We focus on balancing and healing the power of grief, communication, rejection, abandonment, over-activity, under-activity, rumination, attachment, and detachment.

We believe and bring awareness that you are enough

Coach's Corner

Coach Kaash is the founder of the Kairos Act Now (KAN) team, a provider of frameworks that aims to articulate the nature of human abilities and provide an individualized guidance to connect the desires with the actionable abilities, to find answers to life’s biggest questions.

Certified hatha yoga trainer, personal trainer, agile coach, and project manager.

She provides consultations to the courageous people who want to do more, is successful in few areas of life and feels limited in the present moments in a particular area of life.

Limitations could be physical abilities, lack of practice or skill set, soaring desires with limited resources.

She enjoyed her versatile career paths as a dress designer and seamstress, travel agent, IT Web developer, IT business analyst, project manager, IT agile coach, workplace injury (WSIB) representative, transformation coach providing insights through the occult science of Vedic astrology, numerology, Vedic and oracle cards, and self-healing practices of mantras, mudras, and restorative yoga practice.

Act now … find your sky because you are worth it!!

Now is the Kairos moment to act. Let’s get started.

Coach & Train

  • Health
  • Grief
  • Career
  • Tiny Habits
  • Agile Techniques
  • Assessment
    60 mins
  • Follow-up
    40 mins
  • Ongoing 3
    40 mins each

Holistic Reading

  • Birth Chart
  • Numerology
  • Vedic Card
  • Oracle Card
  • Wish List
  • Card reading + coaching + one area of life
    30 mins
  • Card deals for 3
    30 mins each
  • Birth Chart + numerology + one area of life
    60 mins

Healing Remedies

  • Yoga of sound, mind, body, & breath
  • Restorative Yog Asanas & mudras
  • Name Correction
  • Vaastu guidance
  • Pranic Healing
  • Remedies are very individualized.
  • Some basic remedies from the above will be provided with the assessment session.
  • Package deals available on need basis after the assessment/first consultation.

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